Tools for brands & companies to reach the spatial web.

The future of content and commerce is here. It is Spatial.

At Spatialist, we are building enterprise tools to bring Spatial Content (sCMS) and Spatial Commerce (sCom) to businesses.

The Enterprise Spatial Content & Commerce Solution.

Tag, edit, shop, and interact with Points of interest within your environment. Link your physical and digital worlds; both connect with new customers, and increase engagement with your existing audience.

Connecting the digital world to the virtual world.

With Spatialist, make the world your interface.

Interact with your environment by going beyond
the phone, and make the internet 3D with
our Spatial Content Management System (s.CMS)

Checkout Anywhere.
Pay for products and services anywhere within a Space with a simple solution to increase sales, wherever your customers are.

Add to your current tech stack,
Spatialist is making integrations with major tech platforms so you can  and make it Spatial.

Spatial tools designed to empower Enterprise.

Extend current eCommerce with sCommerce.

Transform your current eCommerce websites
into sCommerce websites. With Spatialist, add a new dimension to your business.

Merge over your apps to become spatial apps.

Convert regular Apps, into a Spatial apps.'Webify' brick-and-mortar stores to bring them into the Spatial Web.

Enable a seamless link between virtual & physical realities.

Enable your products to offer

Create more engaging homes, offices, and stores, by offering experiences and purchases within your environments.

Drive adoption and sales spatially

With our Enterprise Toolkit, Spatial Content and Commerce are just a plugin away.

Welcome to Web 3D.

The real-world Metaverse is here.

With Spatialist, it's easy to bring your digital content into your home, office, or shop, enabling content and commerce within your spatial environment (sCMS).

The internet, but in the world around you.
Locate, store, and edit your products, images, and messages within your physical space. While our technology is device agnostic, experiential interaction takes place through a smart phone, tablet, headset, or smart glasses. 

Easy Spatial Content Management.
Spatialist is the first commercial Spatial Web Management Platform for Enterprise, offering uniquely powerful ways for businesses to manage and monetize their products and data. 

The 'Brick and Mortarverse'

Make your shop multi-dimensional with Spatial Commerce (sCom).
Enable your customers toRemotely visit a 3-dimensional environment of your shop, to spatially browse and purchase, 24/7 with Anywhere Checkout.

Physically visit your shop/store/real estate, and engage with your products & space digitally.
Your space can be tagged with meaningful information, like: extra options, videos & more details, provenance, warranties, and purchase links.

Bring the power of Spatial into your business.

Enterprise Spatial Content (sCMS)
Whether you're an established business looking for a new way to monetize your data, or a new venture looking to build great products in the Spatial web, our easy-to-use platform makes it simple to create and manage your spatial content,

Enterprise Spatial Commerce (sCom)
While our robust commerce features let you sell your products and services online with ease. Plus, our cutting-edge features and integrations will keep you ahead of the competition.


Our First Property Management partner.

The future of homecare.

Manage your physical space, digitally.
With a shared Intelligence for homes, Hously enables Property Managers and Real Estate agents to digital stage,  tag and interact within the property. Arrange service, add notes, add details, warranties, delivery options and more. hously is a modern service for home management.

hously is a modern service for home management.
See a lightbulb that needs replacing? Tap “Replace” in augmented reality to order a new one. Notice the pool needs cleaning? Tap “Clean” to hire a pool guy. Order home services direct to your home, from your home!

Dashboard Modules.

Our product suite is just beginning, and will connect all business types and industries.
Here are three of our first focus areas.

Spatial Commerce.
Multi-dimensional shopping with Spatial Commerce (sCom).

Enable your customers to both:
- Remotely visit a 3-dimensional environment of your shop, to spatially browse and purchase, 24/7 with Anywhere Checkout.

- Physically visit your shop, and engage with your products digitally.

Your products can be tagged with meaningful information, such as: provenance, warranties, and purchase links.
Property Management.
Manage both residential and commercial property interactively.

Tag a building's important features to create a "Building File".

This  file can hold all key information about a house or office, be updated, and shared with the right people. is our launch customer enabling you to Track appliance warranties, connect directly with maintenance services, and purchase improvements to your property.
Interactive Events.
Merge your event and your app into one experience.

Connect your live event to your crowd. Add to any festival or concert,  a digital layer for engagement, sales, enjoyment, safety & even magic. 

Add venue details, washroom and facilities locations.

Features include: dynamic maps, interactive tours, ticket purchases/upgrades, and information-rich locations.

Join Our Team ! Calling all Spatial Enthusiasts!

We are looking for great people:

• Motivated to build the Spatial Web.
• Wanting to Progress their career.
• Dedicated to personal improvement.
• strong design for deep-tech work.
• Enjoy working with a team.
• Looking to be early as part of the next internet!

A remote-first company, we offer:

• Competitive compensation / equity
• Healthy work / life balance
• Parent-friendly company culture
• Educational stipend
• Flex-days + vacation
• Top-of-the-line equipment
• Experienced, distributed, and diverse team