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With Flux, you can create the future of spatial our turn-key suite of technologies revolutionises the creation and distribution of spatial web content into physical locations. We focus on empowering individuals and teams to build the future of spatial.

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The next generation of the Internet will make information about your surroundings come to you without having to search for it. This will change how companies sell.

Become a master of spatial content in a matter of hours and share unique experiences, the revolutionary new way to merge your digital and physical worlds. With Flux, you can create amazing interface designs and content that are seamlessly integrated with the real world around you. With Flux, the future of interface and content creation is finally here!

Add value to your business with the help of our tools

The Spatial Web will change how companies sell their goods by enabling them to engage customers on a whole new level--and we're excited for what comes next!

Let your customers interact with content

With a quick set up and user friendly interface everyone will be able to access your public content and interact with it.

Monitor spatial interactions and see the impact on your business.

The creation of spatial content is an unlimited source to add value to any business activity and clearly translates into numbers and revenue.



  • customer-driven FEATURES
  • Corporate venturing
  • Follow process innovation
  • innovation that gets results
  • create new models, services
  • creative new environment
  • Reports, Findings, reccomend



  • design PRODUCT portfolio
  • brand, distribution, Assets
  • services / programs / support / team 
  • Dedicated account manager



  • build systems + services processes
  • Module based engineering
  • systems architecture
  • roadmaps + maintenance
  • funding compatible invoices & international unit billing
  • incremental productization

Proof of Innovation Concept, Investment Rounds.

Launch Prototypes

Single Design + Engineering Modules
  • MVP systems approach
  • Rapid Design & Usability
  • A/B TEsting with user groups
  • design and launch new concepts
  • test markets quickly
  • gain insights
  • Prove your idea - showcase innovation, gain traction

Funded Professional Innovation

deliver products

multiple research, design, Engineering Modules
  • Meet and Greet with Product
  • new products and services
  • ideas into tangible experience
  • Full design cycles
  • Full Engineering cycles
  • space + experiment environment
  • Iterations based increments refined on feedback

Serious commitment to growth, lets scale.

AWS Architecture

Multiple Engineering Modules
  • dedicated innovation team
  • develop the structure
  • proffesional architecture
  • prototype and innovate ideas
  • Systems Based Engineering
  • structures approach to growth
  • Security, Compliance & Backups

The tools that make our SaaS a robust and reliable Software

FLUX Dashoboard
The technology that allows you to have full ownership and manage your content easily and intuitively.
The Software that enables interactions with the real world through a smart device.
The basis for the POINTS application that facilitates interaction with space by creating different cube sizes that recognize space.

Choose the plan that better fits your needs

Unlock the limits of your business by creating content that connects the real space and the digital layers of the Spatial Web.
Add commerce and monetization strategies to your content and watch your business take off.
Explore new opportunities of the Spatial Web and Spatial Content with us. Please contact for more info.
Build large scale solutions that can create a huge impact in your business or industry. Please contact for more info.

Join the Content and Commerce revolution and transform the way you do business.