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Become a Designer and Engineer
of the Spatial web. 

Healthy Spatial Innovation.

Spatial products that
solve spatial problems.

The Spatial internet needs tools
to manage intelligent environments. 

To create a seamless link between the off-line and on-line worlds, companies need services and toolsets to enable action and response loops. 

In a world where the Spatial Web is a reality, businesses with physical operations will be able to transform their scale. The Spatial Web allows for real time interactions with content that responds accordingly based on its understanding about our needs at any given moment.

This gives businesses the ability to understand their customers on a much deeper level and cater to their needs in a more efficient way. As the Spatial Web becomes more widely adopted, businesses that don't embrace this technology will be at a severe disadvantage.

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Spatialist has three channels.

We support spatial engineering and design with three distinct activities. 

Spatialist Studios

This is where we turn great ideas into great products. Studios is both our physical office space, as well as spatial media capture, and the operation systems that keep our team connected.

Spatialist Platform

This is both our Spatialist Products, such as out content management and app module products, and the Spatialist Foundation Layer- the core backend that keeps our systems running.

Spatialist Ventures

This is where we build branded ventures, as well as support teams and products with custom modules, deep-tech integration, data science, idea engineering, product consulting, integrations and more.

Awesome TEams make awesome Products.

we take a healthy focus on product innovation to make it more narrow, looking towards the near future growth of the spatial web as guidance. We provide toolsets and engineering resources that allow fast iterations with prototyping in order for you get your products out there quickly so they can reach their full potential!

What WE focus on

"Ability to embed health support in the world around us by Designing thousands of Points into daily life."

Ambient Assisted Living


"Extending the internet from the desktop to the pocket to the world around you is here. Creating clear commercial and commerce tools is next."

Meta Commerce


"Create intelligent environments around you, that react and interact, with a seamless link from the physical to digital worlds."



"Embedding digital to organic communication, decision support and preference selection, leads to personalised prescription engines. "

Ambient Intelligence


"In electronic environments, objects have an internet identity and generate actionable data - all of which runs on system designs. "



"Physical internet requires an indexed, articulated relationship and interaction engine to drive user experience. "



What keeps us busy, turning ideas into products.

Spatial Content
Unlock the limits of your business by creating content that connects the physical space to digital layers through the Spatial Web.
Spatial Commerce
Add commerce and monetization strategies to your content and watch your business take off.
Spatial [web] Sites
Explore new opportunities of adding Spatial Sites to your content layers.
Ownership & Roles
Add and customize roles to interact at different levels and manage ownership.
Location & Relation
Improve location data and accessibility to add value to your experiences.
Agents & Interaction
Use agents as the portal between the real and the virtual world. Turn them into a source of knowledge.

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Join the Spatial Content and Commerce revolution and transform the way you do business.

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