Real Estate Use Cases

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we are spatialists

Spatial Focus Areas

Spatial Commerce.

Spatial Web Commerce.

Web becomes Meta, the next stores.

Spatial Engineering.

Spatial World Building.

The next internet will be built.

Ambient Living.

Meditation on mindbliss.

Living Healthy in a Meta World.

Spatial Interface.

Spatial Ui+Uix.

Physical internet will revolutionize commerce.

Meta City.

The Shareable Spatial City.

Top down from intelligent environments, Bottom up from interaction points

Spatial Web.

Spatial Maps.

The management & interaction of time and space.

Spatial Space.

Space tools for real estate.

Managing, maintenance, repairs, service and coordination. Real estate agents, managers and owners and renters.

Ambient AI.

Spatial Agents.

Intelligent Systems in Intelligent Environments.

Spatial CRM.

The Flux.

Tools to populate YOUR Spatial Web. A Metaverse for the physical world...


Products + Services.

a new experience medium. An ew Internet, and a new way to reach users.

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