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great companies and brands to build amazing spatial products.

The Spatial Internet will be build for experiences, we aim to support multiple verticals to integrate core spatial deep tech. Interested? Reach out to start a discussion.

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A digital world around us expressed in a digital language, but for humans.



  • customer-driven FEATURES
  • Corporate venturing
  • Follow process innovation
  • innovation that gets results
  • create new models, services
  • creative new environment
  • Reports, Findings, reccomend



  • design PRODUCT portfolio
  • brand, distribution, Assets
  • services / programs / support / team 
  • Dedicated account manager



  • build systems + services processes
  • Module based engineering
  • systems architecture
  • roadmaps + maintenance
  • funding compatible invoices & international unit billing
  • incremental productization

Proof of Innovation Concept, Investment Rounds.

Launch Prototypes

Single Design + Engineering Modules
  • MVP systems approach
  • Rapid Design & Usability
  • A/B TEsting with user groups
  • design and launch new concepts
  • test markets quickly
  • gain insights
  • Prove your idea - showcase innovation, gain traction

Funded Professional Innovation

deliver products

multiple research, design, Engineering Modules
  • Meet and Greet with Product
  • new products and services
  • ideas into tangible experience
  • Full design cycles
  • Full Engineering cycles
  • space + experiment environment
  • Iterations based increments refined on feedback

Serious commitment to growth, lets scale.

AWS Architecture

Multiple Engineering Modules
  • dedicated innovation team
  • develop the structure
  • proffesional architecture
  • prototype and innovate ideas
  • Systems Based Engineering
  • structures approach to growth
  • Security, Compliance & Backups

Spatial Use Cases.

connect business types and industries.

Our product suite is just beginning,  Here are three of our first use cases.


Multi-dimensional shopping with Spatial Commerce (sCom).

Enable your customers to both:
- Remotely visit a 3-dimensional environment of your shop, to spatially browse and purchase, 24/7 with Anywhere Checkout.

- Physically visit your shop, and engage with your products digitally.

Your products can be tagged with meaningful information, such as: provenance, warranties, and purchase links.

Property Management.

Manage both residential and commercial property interactively.

Tag a building's important features to create a "Building File".
This  file can hold all key information about a house or office, be updated, and shared with the right people. 

Hously.us is our launch customer enabling you to Track .

appliance warranties, connect directly with maintenance services, and purchase improvements to your property.


Merge your event and your app into one experience.

Connect your live event to your crowd. Add to any festival or concert,  a digital layer for engagement, sales, enjoyment, safety & even magic. 

Add venue details, washroom and facilities locations.

Features include: dynamic maps, interactive tours, ticket purchases/upgrades, and information-rich locations.

is your vertical ready for immersive Spatial Experiences?

With digital worlds merging with the physical worlds, you'll be expected to become a master of spatial content. Let Spatialist help, we can share unique experiences the future of interface + content creation. 

Spatial Products
The products we build integrate all standard practices. When you opt for our consultation services, we walk the extra mile for analyzing your target market, business competition, user personas, and much more, to deliver a conversion and success-focused solution.
Spatial Modules
We build a realistic mobile development strategy by breaking the solution into modules. Our team strategizes development efforts for coding every feature, completing modules and integrating modules as a complete solution.
Spatial Value-Building
We integrate the most profitable one within your solution to drive higher revenue and maintain a great experience for end-users. With complete research, our team knows which model will work best for your solution, be it in-app advertising, in-app purchase, user profiling, etc.

We build tools, systems and support with Commercial Spatial Web Ventures.

Spatial Dashboards
"Extending the internet from the desktop to the pocket to the world around you. Create intelligent environments around you, that react and interact,  intuitive spatial content management system. "
Spatial Engineering
"Physical internet requires an interaction engine to drive user experience. In electronic environments, objects have an internet identity  - all of which runs on systems. "
Spatial Commerce
"Spatial Commerce will be the transaction engine for any interaction between people places and objects. Make the Metaverse commerce website to enable this, with points... "
Content & Engagement
"Content embedding virtual into Physical world communication, decisions, preference selection, products, and services. "
Spatial Mapping
"Advanced thinking on next generation of technologies is building value-based routing within serverless 3D Spatial Place Maps. "
Ambient Assisted Living
"Ability to embed health support in the world around us by designing thousands of Points into daily life. "

Spatialist BRINGS product innovation with a creative culture

We enable  that embraces fast iterations and prototyping quickly to get products to market. This no-hassle approach is a perfect model for a company looking to take an exploratory step into disruptive innovation.

With Spatialist
Create intelligent environments around you,
that react and interact.

Spatialist connects people with their entire world, Connecting physical and virtual. 

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